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    Introducing T&A by Shelly Says So

    I couldn’t bottle my attitude – so I printed it. Introducing T&A by Shelly Says So - a line of t-shirts and panties by yours truly. I’ve got styles for ladies up to 4x and men up to a 6x. Yeah, 6x! You can...
  • yudodis

    Everytime you fake it, a kitten dies

    Ladies, ladies, ladies. After this morning’s conversation in the Twitterverse, it has come to my attention that for many among us, faking ‘The Big O’ is a way of life. Now I understand sometimes if it’s ...
  • My, what big bras you have!

    Big Titty Problems

    In a conversation with a homegirl a few months back, the struggles that come along with being mammicularly blessed came up. So I have decided to share them with the world. If you have small chesticles, let this be a warning to ...
  • L_Stalker-CyberStalker

    If I Come Up Missing, This Is Why

    This morning I woke up to a very interesting message. I have to try one more time. You look amazing and I am drawn to you. They say it’s not about the looks, I know. But sometimes it is. I’m gonna come straight out ...

10 Things I Learned From Beyonce Lyrics

Beyonce is insanely successful. Millions of people love her. And just as many seem to be insanely bothered by Beyonce’s success. They claim that she’s overrated, that she makes bad music, or simply that she is Illum...

I Want A Big Ass Ring

Hi. My name is Shelly, and if I ever get married, I want a big ass diamond engagement ring. Stupid big. Ridiculous, gaudy, J.Lo or Beyonce big. Just ignant big. I am NOT a materialistic person. I generally don’t buy brand nam...
Look at this clown

Your Bra Strap Is Showing

Dear Willie Norwood Jr I can’t with you. You are the weakest link. Brandy sang her little heart out to bring some R&B back to R&B with Two Eleven, and then you fuck up the balance of the family vault with this shi...
 Social Commentary
They both got driver's licenses so why not a marriage license?

Is N/A an optional answer for Question 6?

I do not oppose gay marriage for one simple reason:  the state cannot have services it only affords to certain citizens.   If we are to say that our society is one of tolerance (different races, religions, political views...

Cherry Blossoms

I don’t do this often, but April is National Poetry Month. So, I’m sharing a poem with you guys on this blog! Yay! The nexus of this is that I came home last night and saw my neighbor bringing his wife flowers. It w...

Some Advice for My Republican Friends

So there you have it.  Obama’s in for a full 8 years. And rivers of tears are flowing in conservative households. Boo hoo. I feel for you guys. My heart was heavy when George W. won. Especially  the second time. So I to...