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Manlaw: End convo before you incriminate anyone.

Damn you, ManLaw!

This is a conversation I had with a male acquaintance about another male acquaintance: Him:  Jack and I have been friends since high school. How do you know him? Me: Oh, I know his fiance’. Him: Fiance?!?!?!? They must not h...

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The Lost Art

  We don’t give a kiss its proper reverence anymore We treat it like An official request for sex And not a gift all on its own We seek parting lips solely as a means to part legs But a kiss is not an hors d’oue...


10 Things Tyler Perry Could Be Doing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but……… Tyler Perry has been MIA on the movie scene. He has spent the last 5 years releasing films about every 6 months. But it’s been a while since “Madea’s Big Happy Family” cam...


We just lost our Leonardo

Steve Jobs was a genius. No one else has a larger influence on the way we live today. The more i think about his passing, the more genuinely sad I am. Steve Jobs passing is not just your everyday celebrity death. He’s n...


Facebook Chronicles Your Existence From Birth

I used the instructions from TechCrunch to go on ahead and upgrade myself to the new Facebook ‘Timeline’ early. And all I can say is, that shit cray! When they say “Timeline”, they don’t mean it in the Twitte...