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On My HGTV Ish

After months of procrastination I finally hung the art in my family room. Then after some more months I decided to photograph it. When I went back and looked at some before and afters of my house, I must say I am quite pleased ...


The 8 Days of Shelly-Mas

Monday was my birthday!!!!! I started celebrating last Thursday and I just sunset the celebration last night. Yeah, I celebrated my birthday for 8 days like Hanukkah. So sue me. Here’s the birthday week highlight reel: Went t...


If I Come Up Missing, This Is Why

This morning I woke up to a very interesting message. I have to try one more time. You look amazing and I am drawn to you. They say it’s not about the looks, I know. But sometimes it is. I’m gonna come straight out ...


Bravo Actually Hates Black Women More than BET

Last night was “Must See TV” for black women. First, “Black Girls Rock” celebrated all our positive contributions. The awards show, which is the best thing BET produces all year, featured performances by Erykah Badu, Ji...