I Want A Big Ass Ring

Posted July 5, 2012 by MissShellySays in Relationships

Hi. My name is Shelly, and if I ever get married, I want a big ass diamond engagement ring. Stupid big. Ridiculous, gaudy, J.Lo or Beyonce big. Just ignant big.

I am NOT a materialistic person. I generally don’t buy brand name clothes. Never cared enough to own a pair of Jordan’s. I’ve never had a new car. I could not tell you who made my handbag. It’s just not that deep to me most of the time. But in THIS area, I really want to be fancy.

Why? Well, unlike those other examples, an engagement ring is not a temporary item. This is something I have to wear every day, for the rest of my life. And I just want it to be awesome, unique, and BIG. Like my breastesess. If I was gonna pick one thing in life to “splurge” on, I’m gonna pick the thing that is getting the most use in my lifetime. So that would be the mattress and the ring. The awesome thing about the ring is, it’s not something that is going to lose a ton of it’s value over time. You buy an expensive car, and it’s whack 5 years later. You buy a big ass diamond, hoes are jealous FOREVER!


So, I want a big ass ring. That is ALL I WANT. I don’t want to fuss about it. I don’t want to bargain or compromise. I am not asking that it be from Tiffany (although it should be of high quality). I don’t need an elaborate proposal written in the sky. I just want my left hand to cause high amounts of jealousy and envy of other women. I want people to look at my hand and think “damn, she must have some good p****”. That’s what I want. I want to look like I cannot lift my hand to wipe the sweat from my brow that the glare from the huge ass rock is causing.
I’ve never asked men for much as far as expenditures. I don’t ask men for money to get my nails done. I don’t ask for people to pay my phone bill. I pay my own damn telephone bills and automo-bills. I’d rather him take all that little money he isn’t giving me to get my hair done over the course of the relationship, and put it into an account so that when the time comes he can buy me a big ridiculous ass ring. It would also be super awesome if it was somewhat unique in the setting. I loathe plain solitaires. LOATHE! DO. NOT. WANT.

But Shelly, wouldn’t you rather him spend the money on something more practical, like a down payment on a house? Well, I have a house already. So…… I WANT MY DAMN RING. I don’t have kids so that affords me the ability to be completely selfish if I so choose. And I just want a big ass ring. Simple. You are not going to convince me otherwise. If all I get is a diamond chip, I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna feel like he didn’t care enough to take it seriously and invest in something special. One of a kind would make me feel pretty darn special.


Now, I am writing this post as a single person because it would probably cause an uncomfortable conversation if I were in a relationship. Especially if my boo was broke. And I’m not saying I’m too good for a broke man. I like broke people. I have broke friends. I ain’t but 5 mins out of the struggle my damn self. And it’s not like I’m really checking for a dude to buy me a Maserati. So, in the long run, I’m really not that excited by the idea of a rich man, other than possibly getting a personal chef. So I’ll take a regular dude working his way to the top. But he’s gonna have to find a way to get me a big ass ring JUST THIS ONCE. I want kids to think I got on a ring pop. And, it needs to be proportionate with my hips anyway. Right? It’s basic feng shui!
Funny thing is, jewelry isn’t even a part of my regular daily routine. I almost never wear anything. I’m not that flashy. My skin is so sensitive to most metals that I never got into the habit of it. So sorry, but I can’t wear the fake stuff most chicks pick up on the accessory wall at H&M. But please believe if you drape me in diamonds I will wear them! I will wear my love boldly and proudly on my left hand.
When I see people with baby ass diamond chips looking like they crafted their ring from some glitter and leftover rhinestones from the nail shop, it just makes me sad. I don’t want to be the sad girl looking at a ring with some glitter on it for the next 60 years. Getting married is a big deal. So it just irks me to see ugly engagement and wedding rings. People put so much time into putting together an outfit for the club…… but then wanna be lazy and cheap about some shit they gotta wear for their whole life? YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!! A piece of jewelry that actually means something? Marriage is an EPIC deal. Purchase my ring accordingly. If I’m gonna be washing your draws for the next 50 years, come correct.
Does a big ring mean he loves you more? No. But if he loves me, he will at least read this blog and know that it’s important to me. I know some brothas are gonna be mad at this. So feel free to sound off in the comments.
But I still want my ring. Maybe it’s because I’m just way into good old fashioned romance. What do my other ladies think?



    You want what you want. Point blank period. In this case I suppose I would be that woman “with baby ass diamond chips looking like they crafted their ring from some glitter and leftover rhinestones from the nail shop” but that’s fine by me. I love my ring, simply because it’s what I wanted. I designed it. It’s what I asked for and quite simply, I’m not a jewelry person by far. I’m very low maintenance and simple. I wanted a single heart shaped solitaire diamond. 1 carat was fine by me. My hands are small, I like to stay in the background and I think large diamonds are too much for me, but if that’s your thing, that’s your thing mama. Nothing wrong with wanting what you want and expressing what you believe you deserve. If he’s the one, he won’t see a problem with getting you what you know you deserve. 🙂


      I think you should lsetin to the fine answers you’ve gotten here it doesn’t matter what people think, and the types of people who would be judgmental over the size of your ring are not the kind of people I’d want around me anyway.The fact that you have a ring and that you’re getting married is all that matters, don’t let anyone else bring you down or ruin your happiness!Congratulations!


      Do yourself and your soon to be wife a favor and buy a ring with cash. The last thing you want to do is start off a maigarre in debt. You don’t need a fancy expensive ring to get married and later when you have more time to save money and you are making more money you can always go buy the fancy ring.


    I agree 100%, & thank God I was home by myself so I could laugh as loud as I wanted! I don’t care about a big wedding & all that foolishness! I want a crazy beautiful ring… it’s only fair! The wedding only last a few hours (&, seems like a bunch of aggravation) but the ring is forever & should “make hoes jealous forever.”

    Hopefully whoever I get engaged to fully grasps how important the ring is & gets it right! Great article!


      It Doesn’t matter if that ring came out of a bublbe gum machine. The ring does not pick the length of the relationship, the wedding, the marriage, or anything else. Its materialized and its meant to show that you are married to someone that you are in love with. No more or less. Personally I think its insane to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding band/ring I don’t understand it they can get lost or messed up. Girl you should be proud to show EVERYONE that ring because you are getting married to your prince and you are in love and no one else has any say about it. Haters are always going to hate. The more haters you have the more popular you are.


    when i read the title, i admit, i was like “what the fuck…” but as i read it, i started to feel what you were saying. i respect that the ring is the one extravagant thing you want. and I’ve never ever known you to ask a man for anything or complain that he doesn’t have this or that. i look at it like this: a bigger ring doesn’t mean I love you more. but a big diamond in a unique setting DOES mean that I’ve known for a while that you were the one for me, that i meticulously planned the purchasing of said ring, and that i was disciplined enough to set aside the money to afford it for as long as it took, given my income, to give you what I knew you wanted. and those things DO mean that i love you more, because my actions are saying that I gave intense thought to who you are and what is important to you. some dude might read this and think you’re a selfish, show-off kinda chick. but anyone who REALLY reads it and pays close attention will see otherwise.


      It doesn’t matter what other pepole think. I have a 1/4 carat diamond with two smaller diamonds on the side. I work with my hands and don’t want to risk my ring getting caught on something causing the stones to fall out. I made it clear to my fiance that I don’t like large diamonds/stone rings.I have to admit that since I became engaged I tend to notice other women rings’. I guess more out of curiosity and wondering why they choose to risk damaging such a precious item if it gets caught on something. I’m grateful for the few pieces of fine jewelry that I have and nothing will be able to replace the sentimental value they hold, small diamonds or not.


      I wouldn’t think anniythg about the size, I would either like or dislike the design. I find I often dislike the design of rings with smaller stones because people will get a huge setting to raise the stone up to make it look bigger but it just looks silly. I also notice small stones are often placed in cheaper, more generic settings. The odd time I see a nice small stone in a nice setting I just admire it.

    Aisha Johnson

    YAAAASSSSSSSS! You are entitled to your big ass rock! I see this along the lines of passing down rings as an heir loom. Classic, properly cut, just plain GORGEOUS. I’m not a huge jewelry fan either, the only ring I own is the silver “Ankh” thumb ring I bought in college and still wear proudly. However, when I browse through, my vision boards become full of diamonds and exotic colorful brooches. Lawd, Lawd. Those are the rocks I mess with. Yes ma’am.


      Anyone who thinks a doamind of any size is too small is being materialistic. The doamind in my ring is far smaller than 1/4 carat, but he gave it to me, he loves me, and that’s all I care about. If there are people who make negative comments, just smile politely and change the subject! But I would imagine the majority of your family and friends wouldn’t say such a thing. Enjoy your ring, I’m sure it’s beautiful )


      Well I hate to break it to you, but if he didn’t know what carat he was buying then the store did not do their job in etiacdung him. It should be on his reciept.6mm is pretty wide, so assuming it is a round brilliant cut it would be about a 1-1.5 carat.Depending on the clarity and color something like that should run about 4-6 grand.If it is a non-certified diamond then it probably is a VI clarity and a mid grade color and worth about $ 3,000 max.


    I love this post, and I love the way you articulate WHY you want that “big ass ring” without sounding like a shallow, materialistic bitch. (Cuz honestly that’s my first thought when I see a woman with a “big ass ring,” but no longer.) You go, girl!

    That said, don’t feel sad for those of us with itty bitty rings. I am the breadwinner in my family, so when we got married, I bought my own damn ring, and I got exactly what I wanted – an asymmetrical ring with three small diamonds that looks lovely on my small, piano-player hands and doesn’t get in the way.


      Thanks Athena! And congrats on getting exactly what you wanted!


        Working at a non profit does not allow for the puashrce of an amazing engagement ring. I work everyday to help women in need learn skills to become self sufficient and everyday I leave work knowing that I have changed lives, unfortunately this work makes it impossible for my boyfriend and I to afford many extras in life . We want a ring and wedding that truly expresses our love and faith in one another!


          Phooey, what people think does not matetr anyway. Your ring was given to you by the man you love and you should appreciate all the thought he put into it. It doesn’t matetr about size, I have never heard of people thinking you are not serious enough because the ring is small. A diamond is a diamond.


      Although my finger size is much lgaerr than your fiance’s (7), I have actually felt that the diamond in my ring (about .6 carat) is too big! It really comes down to personal taste. Does she like extravagant jewelry, simple jewelry? What does she typically wear? A .5 carat diamond WILL look large on her finger, probably comparable to the look of a 1 carat diamond on a lgaerr finger. Pay attention to the jewelry she likes to wear and go with your gut you know her best!


      You should reembemr that diamonds may be forever but material objects should never be a measure of your love for one another. If the engagement ring was 1 Carat $8000 dollar Tiffany’s ring that doesnt mean their is more love just more money. I wouldnt give a flying rats ass what other people thought about the ring. That’s just really immature and shallow to say he doesnt love you a lot because he bought you a small ring money is not love.


    Honestly, my center stone is a CZ. There is over a kratort of real diamonds in it. but I mentioned at my bachelor’s party almost 7 years ago that I’d like my stone upgraded. My sister-in-law, who was engaged to her boyfriend of about 6 years at the time and who was wearing a huge diamond purchased by his mother, chuckled to herself. She’s now divorced and playing house about 3000 from home. I never upgraded the stone. SHE had to upgrade her man lolOh and I get tons of complements on my ring and on my relationship BTW

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