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14 Times I Slayed Your Life in 2014

This #WCW I’m crushin on my damn self. That’s right. It’s all about the #selflove and last year I learned to love myself more than ever. And I also learned the power of demonstrating that unapologetic love it ...


10 Things I Learned From Beyonce Lyrics

Beyonce is insanely successful. Millions of people love her. And just as many seem to be insanely bothered by Beyonce’s success. They claim that she’s overrated, that she makes bad music, or simply that she is Illum...


Millennium Dating Rules

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine texted me and asked me if she should send this dude a naughty pic. At first I thought this hilarious, but then I thought about it and realized this has become an everyday thought process in ...

My, what big bras you have!

Big Titty Problems

In a conversation with a homegirl a few months back, the struggles that come along with being mammicularly blessed came up. So I have decided to share them with the world. If you have small chesticles, let this be a warning to ...


The 8 Days of Shelly-Mas

Monday was my birthday!!!!! I started celebrating last Thursday and I just sunset the celebration last night. Yeah, I celebrated my birthday for 8 days like Hanukkah. So sue me. Here’s the birthday week highlight reel: Went t...