How The Electoral College Works

I am seeing continued confusion around the Electoral College and the popular vote, so I’ll do my best to explain how it works. We live in a REPRESENTATIVE democracy, not a direct one. So, representatives for each state fi...


Some Advice for My Republican Friends

So there you have it.  Obama’s in for a full 8 years. And rivers of tears are flowing in conservative households. Boo hoo. I feel for you guys. My heart was heavy when George W. won. Especially  the second time. So I to...

They both got driver's licenses so why not a marriage license?

Is N/A an optional answer for Question 6?

I do not oppose gay marriage for one simple reason:  the state cannot have services it only affords to certain citizens.   If we are to say that our society is one of tolerance (different races, religions, political views...

Trayvon Martin

We are in The Twilight Zone

All the things I think are too ridiculous to happen in America, are happening in America. I must be in the Twilight zone. Common sense and human decency have ceased to exist. And here’s why:   1. A 250lb grown man ca...


On Troy Davis & Reasonable Doubt

As flawed as I know our judicial system is, I was still shocked that the state of GA executed Troy Davis last night. The news was felt in the pit of my stomach. We really did this? As a society? Then I read Panama Jackson’...