Look at this clown

Your Bra Strap Is Showing

Dear Willie Norwood Jr I can’t with you. You are the weakest link. Brandy sang her little heart out to bring some R&B back to R&B with Two Eleven, and then you fuck up the balance of the family vault with this shi...

Permed hurr don't curr

I [Still] Relax My Hair

I still get relaxers. Yup. *pause to allow gasps of horror* I have no plans to stop. I neither like or dislike getting relaxers honestly. It’s just something I do to maintain a look. But, apparently, the rest of the uppit...


Loving Everyday Actually Includes Holidays

This is a note for all the Valentine’s Day Scrooges. Here’s the thing: We all realize Valentine’s Day is an elaborate marketing scheme. We all realize you should show appreciation for your significant other 36...


Everytime you fake it, a kitten dies

Ladies, ladies, ladies. After this morning’s conversation in the Twitterverse, it has come to my attention that for many among us, faking ‘The Big O’ is a way of life. Now I understand sometimes if it’s ...

My, what big bras you have!

Big Titty Problems

In a conversation with a homegirl a few months back, the struggles that come along with being mammicularly blessed came up. So I have decided to share them with the world. If you have small chesticles, let this be a warning to ...