Santa Visited the BeyHive!

The BeyHive is having the best day ever! Beyonce’ surprised us with no only new music, but 17 music videos. Thusly, I am left baldheaded. Beyonce’ came like a thief in the night and snatched my wig. She came through...


10 Things I Learned From Beyonce Lyrics

Beyonce is insanely successful. Millions of people love her. And just as many seem to be insanely bothered by Beyonce’s success. They claim that she’s overrated, that she makes bad music, or simply that she is Illum...


BET Awards Recap 2013

So tonight was the very special night each year where the both the bougie and the ratchet in the Black community come together and try to get along: The BET Awards. I only turn on BET maybe three times a year, and this is one o...

tyler gun

The Crossover

I love to talk about Tyler Perry. He is fascinating because there is so much to love and hate at the same damn time. I’m compelled to at least observe everything associated with him, even when I know it’s gonna be t...